Instagram management made easy for online pet stores.

Instagram management made easy for online pet stores.

Leverage the power of Instagram…

At Heed, we specialize in making Instagram work for our pet e-commerce clients. With our professional skills, tools, and insights, you can look forward to growing your audience and boosting sales.

Leverage the power of Instagram to grow your pet e-commerce business, without the hassle of creating and sharing posts.

Are you struggling to get around to posting consistently because of all your commitments?

Is content creating taking up too much of your time?

Does it feel like you are running out of hashtags and ideas for new posts?

You may have the best intentions, but…

The reality is that your followers want fresh, relevant, and regular content. Multitasking may be necessary when starting in business, but if you want to scale your pet e-commerce business, it’s time to bring in some extra hands.

Reasons not to neglect your Instagram account

With over one billion active users, there is no doubt about it… Instagram is the place to be! What’s more, over 500 million users spend time on the platform daily.

By being consistent with your posts, and by sharing stories. By giving your customers behind-the-scenes glimpses of your business and your team, they will form a deep connection with your brand. 

Don’t give your competition a competitive advantage over you. Stay one step ahead by staying in tune with what your customers are looking for on Instagram.

Influencers have the power to catapult your pet e-commerce business to a new level of success. Part of managing your Instagram account is knowing who to partner with and leverage the powerful potential of influencers to promote your products and drive sales directly to your business.

Potential customers can discover your brand, and shop directly, via Instagram’s new Shop tab. Creating shoppable posts will allow you to include product descriptions and pricing on posts, tempting users to click through to your store right then and there. 

Instagram users love to make their voices heard, which means that you can engage with them daily. When your customers like and share their favorite posts, you want to make sure that your latest and greatest photos are in the mix. The more likes and comments you get, the more visible your brand becomes.

What we can do for you…

We understand that running a pet e-commerce business takes time and passion. You shouldn’t have to worry about your Instagram account. We are here to help you save time and boost sales.


With social media, the proverb ‘out of sight, out of mind’ rings true. We will ensure that you don’t lose valuable momentum by lack of activity in your account.


Creating and posting quality content on Instagram takes time. We have systems in place to ensure that we stay on top of your Instagram account, thus, keeping you sharply focused on growing your business.


We create high-quality content that is coherent with your brand identity, to build brand recognition.


Through careful planning and account management, we design strategic posts to grow your Instagram following, drive website traffic, enhance Google rankings and boost sales.


We research content to make sure it is relevant, fresh, and engaging for your audience.

How it works

Understand your needs

First, we will set up a meeting with you to discuss your business needs. Once we gain an understanding of who your target audience is, and what your business goals are, we will come up with a winning Instagram strategy.

Planning your content

Once we have a solid strategy in place, we will conceptualize and create your content to promote your pet e-commerce online store. We will also come up with a posting schedule, to ensure that we are connecting with your audience when they are most likely to see and engage with your posts.

Dependable on-schedule posting

Once you have approved the content and posting schedule, we will publish your Instagram posts without missing a beat.

Flexible plans


This pack is designed for e-commerce brand owners who are just starting out.



This pack is designed for e-commerce brand owners who want to take their brand to the next level.



This pack is designed for e-commerce brand owners who want to dig deep on Instagram.


All plans include

Brand discovery session

During this session, we will get to know your brand personality, business goals, values & ideal customer persona.

Detailed content calendar

Stay on top of what we will be posting, and when, with our user-friendly content calendar.

Bespoke branded posts & reels

We create original, high-quality, creative posts and reels that are designed to connect deeply with your target audience and inspire engagement.

Monthly strategy meeting

During these sessions, we brainstorm new ideas and fine-tune our strategy where needed, so that we can continue to create posts that are relevant and up-to-date.

Ongoing communication & support

We are at your service, to answer questions and make adjustments where necessary.

Frequently asked questions

Before we can begin creating fresh impactful posts your audience will love, we will require some marketing ‘raw marketing material’ from you. We will send you a fun to-do list of items we need. Once you have gathered all the content (information, photos & videos), pop them over to us via Google Drive.

We can then start to create posts that are strategic, relevant, and engaging. We work according to a monthly posting schedule, which you will require to be approved in advance.

We work with a flat monthly fee and you can cancel at any time.

Yes.  We are updated on posting rules, therefore, our activities comply with Instagram regulations, so there is no risk of being suspended.

As Instagram specialists, we leverage our skills, experience, and talent for content creation to deliver great results on social media’s fastest-growing and most powerful platform. But most importantly, because we trust our expertise and knowledge of the platform to optimize its utility for your brand.

Growth varies from client to client and depends on your profile, niche, content, interaction rate, and various other factors.

Unveil the brand you are proud of

Opt for HEED and start making memorable marks on the minds of your target audience, connect with them, and turn them into loyal customers.

Why choose us

How it works